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Hidroxa SE 20 iontophoresis machine

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”Suffering from excessive sweating can result in severe physical as well as mental obstacles in your everyday life - but luckily, there is help available!”

Written by: Sandra Eriksson Mirkovic, MD with a special interest in hyperhidrosis

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At Hidroxa, our mission is to help people that are affected by hyperhidrosis - excessive sweating. We're offering a simple, effective, and accessible method for treating hyperhidrosis called iontophoresis. Iontophoresis is a scientifically tested technique with proven positive results. More than 90% of our customers experience a massive sweat reduction using our iontophoresis machine. Dr. Sandra Eriksson Mirkovic, licensed physician and Hidroxa co-founder, has multiple years of experience working at a specialized sweat clinic as well as doing some research on the subject.

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iontophoresis machine review
5 stars: excellent
Kate has submitted a review about Hidroxa
"I bought this product because my excessive hand sweating was in certain ways limiting my social life, and disturbing me while doing sports. I did the treatments on my hands and feet every day for 12 days. I noticed small improvements already after 6 treatments, and significant results after 10 treatments. After the first 12 treatments I started to use it every other day. When writing this review I have completed 18 treatments, and I’m really happy with the result. The positive problem I have today is that my skin is very dry, and I need to moisturize frequently."
iontophoresis machine review
5 stars: excellent
Dario has submitted a review about Hidroxa
"After 8-9 treatments/days, I became completely dry on my hands. I started using Hidroxa almost a month ago. Now I do treatments every three days and am still completely sweat-free.The treatments are very easy to perform and painless. So far I have only treated hands but I have noticed that my feet also sweat much less than before. Do not really know why but it may be because my hand sweat triggered the foot sweat. It is a very desirable side effect. I would definitely recommend Hidroxa and am completely satisfied with the purchase. It's a game changer!"
m cdag iontophoresis machine review
5 stars: excellent
Nina has submitted a review about Hidroxa
“I had surgery for hand sweat at a young age, but since this surgery is no longer performed (in Norway) and I am still very bothered by foot sweat, I decided to try Hidroxa. Already after 6 treatments, I noticed a big difference, and now I am completely dry on the underside of the soles of my feet, even during training! I will try with a little salt in the water and with socks for treatment on the upper side of the toes. I have always received very quick answers when I have wondered about something. Very satisfied!“
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