About us

Mirkovic Group is a small, family owned company that was formed in 2015. This is when the idea of bringing iontophoresis devices to Sweden and after that, other countries, was born. We knew that the possibilities of receiving treatment for ones excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis were limited and we also knew that the problem with hyperhidrosis was common. We have several people around us suffering from hyperhidrosis and we had seen how hard it was for them to find help. Some methods of treating hyperhidrosis need to be done at a clinic while using a iontophoresis device is something one can do at home. We wanted to make it is and safe to buy an iontophoresis device and that is why we started the Hidroxa Project. We hope that we will be able to help people in Sweden and around the world to a better life without excessive sweating and the problems that come with this condition. Today the devices are sold by Hidroxa consulting AB, which was founded in 2017.