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Information for clinics and hospitals that treat hyperhidrosis patients

We are a Swedish company that sells iontophoresis machines to clinics and private individuals. We also do a lot of work to raise awareness of hyperhidrosis and possible treatment methods. We want to spread knowledge to the general public as well as healthcare professionals.


Iontophoresis is a well-proven treatment to reduce excessive sweating in the palms and feet (and to some extent also armpits). The method has been around for a long time but is forgotten in many places. We have several successful collaborations with clinics and hospitals, mainly in Scandinavia, where they use our machine to help their patients.

The clinics do this in different ways. Some treat the patients at their clinic until the desired effect is achieved. Then the patients can borrow a machine or buy their own machine to continue with maintenance treatments at home.
Others have chosen to take patients to the clinic and teach them the method and then they can continue on their own at home. Our customer service is there to support your staff and to help them with the use of the method. We also help private individuals who need support with their treatments.

Our machine is sold with 50 days’ right to withdraw from the purchase for private customers. So those who are not happy with the method can choose to return the machine within 50 days and get their money back.

Are you interested in adding iontophoresis as a treatment method to your clinic?

Do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form or our email.

Our doctor Sandra Eriksson Mirkovic will get back to you to answer all your questions and possibly start a collaboration.

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