Does it hurt to do treatments with the iontophoresis device?

Many people experience a tingling/stinging feeling, like when you put your tongue on a battery. Most people describe this as a mild discomfort but of course everyone is different. Start with a low voltage and increase gradually, if tolerated. Make sure you do not have any wounds or cracks on your skin. Minor wounds can be covered with a thick layer of Vaseline. Otherwise these areas might hurt. Using a pulsed current can decrease any discomfort.

Is Iontophoresis a cure?

No. Today there are no known cures for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) of the palms or feet. There is form of surgery called sympathectomy when nerves are cut but they are no longer performed in many countries because of  troublesome, and in some cases also serious, side effects. For excessive sweating from the armpits there are actually a couple of methods that can give a permanent result, se the page about hyperhidrosis.

Does the body get used to the treatments with iontophoresis so that they no longer work?

No. Studies have shown that this does not appear to be the case but it is common for people to to stop using the device when they get better and of course then the sweating returns.

How should I start the treatment?

We recommend that you start your treatment with 20 minutes a day the first 1-3 months. There are different opinions about which is the best way to use a iontophoresis device and this is probably also something very individual. When a good treatment effect is achieved, one can try to do the treatments more seldom and aim for once a week. A few individuals claim that they are content with doing treatments only once every 3-4 week but this is rare.

Another suggestion is to treat palms for 20 minutes and feet for 30 minutes day 1,2,4,7,10,15,22 and so on for 4 weeks. After this, once a week. It usually takes 12 treatments to reach the so called steady state, the best effect. This means 3 treatments per week during 4 weeks and after that once a week.

Should I use regular tap water?

If you live somewhere where the water is so called "soft" you might experience that the effect of the iontophoresis treatments is poor. In that case you can try adding 1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to each water container before every treatment. Google water, hardness and the place where you live to find out if the water there is hard or soft. Some people, especially those who live where the water is soft, choose to start by adding sodium bicarbonate from the very beginning but we usually recommend that you start with your rgeular tap water for about 4 weeks. It is important to be systematic when performing treatments with iontophoresis. Every person is different and need to find out what works for them when it comes to water, current level and treatment intervals. In a lot of cases the treatments work well after a few wekks, without having to change anything, but a lot of times it takes patience to find the right settings.

Can I treat palms and feet at the same time?

Yes. Put both hands in one of the water containers and both feet in the other water container. It might require a higher current but not always. As everything when it comes to iontophoresis treatments it varies from person to person.

Can I treat my armpits with this machine?

The short anwser is: yes. The little longer anwser is:sponges for treating armpits are included in this device but we would like to remind you that the scientific evidcence for this is not as good as for palms and feet.

Can I buy the machine in a store or only online?

Starting July 2017 we will sell our devices at Svettmottagningen (The sweat clinic) at Kungsholmen in Stockholm. You will also be able to come and look at the devices before deciding to buy one.

Is there and open refund?

Yes there is a full refund within 50 days. Read more about this in terms and conditions.

How long is warranty for this product?

The warranty is valid for 24 months and only covers original manufacturing flaws.

Is the product CE-marked?

Yes, it is CE-marked.

Where's my package?

Time of delivery for standard delivery is 3-7 business days counting from the day you placed your order. If the package fits in your mailbox it will be delivered there but most times you will have to pick up at your local post office and you will receive an SMS notification to your registered cellphone number.

Missing your order confirmation?

If you have not received your order confirmation shortly after you made your order, it could mean that something has gone wrong with your purchase. Contact HIDROXA customer support.