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Iontophoresis treatment

sandra eriksson mirkovic iontophoresis Written by: Sandra Eriksson Mirkovic, MD

Iontophoresis is a method, used for decades, to treat excessive sweating of mainly palms, feet, and armpits. Studies show that, if you continuously use it, iontophoresis has a proven positive long-term effect in the treatment of hyperhidrosis - excessive sweating. Iontophoresis can also be used by athletes servers also as a treatment method for athletes, not as a treatment of a medical condition but to reduce sweat for performance improvement in e.g. by improving grip function.

iontophoresis treatment

How does iontophoresis work?

Iontophoresis is a simple and painless treatment. Unlike other treatments for hyperhidrosis, it usually doesn't have any side effects or mild in some cases. The iontophoresis machine consists of a weak power source with adjustable current. The power source is connected to a water bath where you place your hands or feet. To start with your treatment, you need to turn the power on and place your feet or hands in two water baths. Alternatively, you can place wet electrodes in the armpit area so you can treat sweating of the armpits.

An iontophoresis treatment session lasts for 20-40 minutes. Some of our customers noticed reduced sweating after a few treatments. Usually, it takes about 8-12 treatments (one per day, or once every second day) to reach the full effect. The level of sweat you're experiencing, area of sweating, and other factors can play a role in how fast you'll achieve the full effect.

We understand that each individual has its own experience, so that's why we at Hidroxa give you a 50-days trial period of the device, with the right to withdraw from the purchase. You can test the iontophoresis machine to see if it fits you, and decide if you're satisfied with the results. Iontophoresis is a successful treatment when used regularly, so it's important for you to stay motivated to use the machine after you achieve the full effect to maintain your condition.

When you achieve the full effect of the treatment, you need to proceed with continuous treatments. For continuous treatments, we recommend that you use the iontophoresis machine about 1-4 times a month (varies a lot from person to person). Even after you achieve your desired results, you have to be persistent with continuous iontophoresis treatments, or the effect will decrease rapidly.

There are multiple treatment options available these days for excessive sweating and various types of medication. You can learn more about this in the Hyperhidrosis section. Unfortunately, despite hyperhidrosis being a serious condition making life harder for millions of people, it still isn't prioritized in healthcare. We have personally experienced how difficult it can't be to find clinics that offer treatment for hyperhidrosis.

That's why we were motivated to provide everyone with the opportunity for treatment. With the iontophoresis machine, you can do the treatment in the comfort of your own home. Our customers who struggled to find the right sweat clinic reported that being able to treat their condition at home helped them control their hyperhidrosis, and improve their life quality.

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Who can use iontophoresis device?

Iontophoresis is an excellent alternative for you if you:

- Don't have access to sweat clinics in your area
- Want a cheaper alternative to continuous injection treatments
- Don't want to experience muscle weakness as a side effect
- Have a fear of needles and surgery
- Don't want to travel often to receive treatment
- Are an athlete that wants to sweat reduction to positively affect your performance

You shouldn't use iontophoresis if:

- You're pregnant
Iontophoresis was not tested on pregnant women, and it is not advised to use it during pregnancy. Breastfeeding, on the other hand, is not a contraindication.
- You have a pacemaker or some metal implant in the body in the path of the current Contact us if you want to be certain.

Hidroxa is the only company based in Sweden that provides iontophoresis devices (Hidroxa SE20)


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m cdag iontophoresis machine review
5 stars: excellent
m cdag has submitted a review about Hidroxa
“Have been using the iontophoresis machine for about 3 weeks now and I couldn’t be happier. I purchased it to treat aquagenic wrinkling of the palms, and I had it so bad I had been showering with gloves on for 2 years. After about 3 sessions of iontophoresis I have been able to say goodbye to the gloves and my hands look almost normal after exposure to water. I had tried topical antiperspirants before and nothing worked; this machine has changed my life. My condition is related to sweating so I would have sweating on my hands now and then, and that is gone too. Also have to say customer service is amazing! They always answer my emails on the same day and are extremely nice and helpful! Thank you !!“
Lotta iontophoresis machine review
5 stars: excellent
Lotta has submitted a review about Hidroxa
"I have suffered from excessive hand sweat since I was a teenager and I bought a iontophoresis device this spring. After 9 treatments I was totally sweat free and since then I have only had to perform maintenance treatments twice a week. I perform these 2 days in a row. My self esteem has really improved and it is absolutely amazing not having to worry about occasions when I need to shake someone’s hand. I am so pleased! Best purchase ever!"
Eva iontophoresis machine review
5 stars: excellent
Eva has submitted a review about Hidroxa
"After only 2 weeks of treatment of my feet every other day I can feel the effect! Totally amazing!"