Hidroxa iontophoresis SE 20 - with a 50 days right to withdraw from the purchase

You can read about different promising treatments for hyperhidrosis online. Most of them do not work. Iontophoresis is a scientifically tested method with proven good results.. A bonus is that the treatment can be performed at home

Our iontophoresis device can be used in a convenient way to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the palms, feet, axillae and the face. Full effect is acheived within, in average, 12 treatments. Through contiuous treatments between once to a few times a month, the effetc of the treatment lasts. Iontophoresis as a method has been around for decades and show great results when used regularly.1,2

The difference between Hidroxa and other coampanies that sell iontophoresis devices is that we work closely with Medical doctor Sandra Eriksson Mirkovic. She has several years of experiende regarding hyperhidrosis both through research and from working at a hyperhidrosis clinic. Dr Eriksson Mirkovic is very involved in helping patients with hyperhidrosis and she is very familiar with the diagnosis and hos it affects the patiens, which many medical doctors unfortunately lack. She is one of the hosts on the swedish podcast about hyperhidrosis, “Svettpodden”. Dr Eriksson Mirkovic personaly supports Hidroxas customer care, so that, with the help of her knowlegde and experience, we can help as many as possible to be sucessfull with their treatment. This has lead to the fact that less than 4% of our customers choose to return their device.

Included in Hidroxa iontophoresis SE 20: The device, a charger, rechargeable batteries, one pair of small and one pair of large electrodes.

When used correctly, the effect of the treatment with Hidroxa SE 20 iontophoresis device is very good and therefore we can offer ypu 50 days right to withdraw from the purchase. Thsi way you really get the chance to see if this method suits you! With Hidroxa SE 20 iontophoresis you finally get access to a scientifially tested method that works. Easy and conveniently you can get a life "normal perspiration" life. Good luck!

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1.Treatment of Palmar Hyperhidrosis with Tap Water Iontophoresis: A Randomized, Sham-Controlled, Single-Blind, and Parallel-Designed Clinical Trial

2.Interventions for hyperhidrosis in secondary care: a systematic review and value-of-information analysis.Health Technology Assessment, No. 21.80.Wade R, Rice S, Llewellyn A, et al.Southampton (UK): NIHR Journals Library; 2017 Dec.

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