Iontophoresis SE 20 - with a 50 day money back guarantee

Hidroxa Iontophoresis SE20 is a iontophoresis device for smooth treatment of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) in palms and/or feet. You can keep the sweating away longterm through continuous treatments. The method known as iontophoresis has been around for several decades and it shows good results with regular use. Unlike many other methods of treating excessive sweating, iontophoresis is a scientifically proven method with proven good results. The method also has the advantage that it can be used at home.

Hidroxa Iontophoresis SE20 is produced for simple, uncomplicated use. It easy getting started with treatments and the simple but thourough manual anwsers any questions that may come up. The device can both be used with rechargeable batteries as well as a charger. When used according to the instructions, treatment with Hidroxa Iontophoresis shows very good results. Therefore we can safely give you a 50 day money back guarantee so that you reallt get the chance to see that this method suits you! With Hidroxa Iontophoresis you will finally get access to a scientifically proven method that actually works. Simple and easy you get a new life with “regular sweating”. Good luck!

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