Hidroxa iontophoresis SE 20 - with a 50 days right to withdraw from the purchase

You can read about different promising treatments for hyperhidrosis online. Most of them do not work. Iontophoresis is a scientifically tested method with proven good results.. A bonus is that the treatment can be performed at home

Our iontophoresis device can be used in a convenient way to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) of the palms, feet, axillae and the face. Full effect is acheived within, in average, 12 treatments. Through contiuous treatments between once to a few times a month, the effetc of the treatment lasts. Iontophoresis as a method has been around for decades and show great results when used regularly.

In collaboration with well-known clinics:


The difference between Hidroxa and other companies that sell iontophoresis devices is that we work closely with Medical doctor Sandra Eriksson Mirkovic. She has several years of experiende regarding hyperhidrosis both through research and from working at a hyperhidrosis clinic. Dr Eriksson Mirkovic is very involved in helping patients with hyperhidrosis and she is very familiar with the diagnosis and hos it affects the patiens, which many medical doctors unfortunately lack. She is one of the hosts on the swedish podcast about hyperhidrosis, “Svettpodden”Dr Eriksson Mirkovic personaly supports Hidroxas customer care, so that, with the help of her knowlegde and experience, we can help as many as possible to be sucessfull with their treatment. This has lead to the fact that less than 4% of our customers choose to return their device.

With Hidroxa SE 20 you can treat you hands, feet and axillae.

Included in Hidroxa iontophoresis SE 20: The device, a charger, rechargeable batteries, one pair of small and one pair of large electrodes and a pair of plastic containers. (Face mask needs to be bouht separetely)

When used correctly, the effect of the treatment with Hidroxa SE 20 iontophoresis device is very good and therefore we can offer ypu 50 days right to withdraw from the purchase. Thsi way you really get the chance to see if this method suits you! With Hidroxa SE 20 iontophoresis you finally get access to a scientifially tested method that works. Easy and conveniently you can get a life "normal perspiration" life. Good luck!

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m cdag
5 stjärnor: utmärkt

Couldn't be happier!

Have been using the iontophoresis machine for about 3 weeks now and I couldn’t be happier. I purchased it to treat aquagenic wrinkling of the palms, and I had it so bad I had been showering with gloves on for 2 years. After about 3 sessions of iontophoresis I have been able to say goodbye to the gloves and my hands look almost normal after exposure to water. I had tried topical antiperspirants before and nothing worked; this machine has changed my life. My condition is related to sweating so I would have sweating on my hands now and then, and that is gone too. Also have to say customer service is amazing! They always answer my emails on the same day and are extremely nice and helpful! Thank you !!

5 stjärnor: utmärkt

Best purchase ever!

I have suffered from excessive hand sweat since I was a teenager and I bought a iontophoresis device this spring. After 9 treatments I was totally sweat free and since then I have only had to perform maintenance treatments twice a week. I perform these 2 days in a row. My self esteem has really improved and it is absolutely amazing not having to worry about occasions when I need to shake someone’s hand. I am so pleased! Best purchase ever!

5 stjärnor: utmärkt

After only 2 weeks of treatment...

After only 2 weeks of treatment of my feet every other day I can feel the effect! Totally amazing!

Camilla Andersson
4 stjärnor: bra

My hand sweat is almost gone!!!

I suffer from excessive hand sweat, I can be dry but my palms are almost always damp. I bought Hidroxa’s iontophoresis device and it is worth every penny. My hands are completly dry in ordinary situations. When I get stressed a can sweat a little, but nothing to talk about really. I have performed treatments once per day for a little more than 1 week and after that every other day 1 week before I saw results. Amazing!

5 stjärnor: utmärkt

Hidroxa care about their customers

I have owned my device about a year and I am very content with Hidroxa. It feels like the people behind Hidroxa care about me as a customer and wan to make sure I am satisfied with both their product and service. For example, I had to send my device to have it repaired but Hidroxa payed all costs.

Sandra Hedström
5 stjärnor: utmärkt

Serious company and knowledgeable customer care.

Serious company and knowledgeable customer care.

5 stjärnor: utmärkt

The device works perfect for me and I...

The device works perfect for me and I am finally free from my sweaty palms.Human error lead to the fact that the device was sent to the wrong address but soon came in contact with a very professional and personal customer care who sent me a new device straight away so that I didn’t have to wait for the other one to arrive at the right address. Thank you for quick, professional help with this problem that I have had for MANY years.

5 stjärnor: utmärkt

Hidroxas iontophoresis device is magical

Hidroxas iontophoresis device is magical My foot sweat as decrease drastically. Today I can wear regular shoes a whole day of work if I have to. Quick delivery and quick answers to my questions to my questions as well! Great thanks you!, Stefan

Hampus Bergman
5 stjärnor: utmärkt

The best I ever used.

I only have positive things to say about Hidroxa. Their customer care answers your questions right away and they provide good help. As long as I can remeber I have had great issues with excessive hand sweat. I have tried both antiperspirant and botox but nothing has given me the result I wished for. In my field of work as a professional golf player I had severe problems with my hand sweat and it was a huge problem for me. I am so very glad and satisfied that I contacted Hidroxa. I have been using their product since april and I am very happy about the results. It has helped me a lot in my career as well as privately. Iontophoresis is the best treatment option I have tried I could warmly recommend Hidroxa.

5 stjärnor: utmärkt

Great and quick service

Great and quick service. Customer care answered my questions immediatly. Webpage with detailed and serious information. Unfortunately the product didn’t suit me but there was no fuss at all returning the device.

Ludvig Edlund
5 stjärnor: utmärkt

Tusen tack för detta!

I ordered a device in the beginning of may with... I ordered a device in the beginning of may with and open mind, but with 90 days free return policy I thought I’d give it a try. I asked a few questions on the chat before ordering and customer care is really 100%!The device arrived I started the treatments. I continued for a few weeks but the top of my hands hurt really bad. Unfortunately I lost effect when I have to lower the effect to stand the treatments. BUT, after further contact with customer care I got some tips on what to change, for example adding salt to the water. Also I do not use to much water, only so that is covers the electrode pockets and then I put my hands on them. I took a little time and experimenting but now it works without any flaws! After reciving botox every year since I was 9 years old this is completely MAGICAL! A thousand thanks for this!

Pirjo Wernby
5 stjärnor: utmärkt

After only 2 weeks of treatment...

Great company. Everything works perfectly.