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Return of the product

The product didn’t meet your expectations? No worries! Our iontophoresis machine always comes with 50 days right to withdraw from the purchase, starting from the day you received the package. Email us and we will get back to you.

Keep in mind that you as the customer is responsible for the return until we have received and registered it, so always keep your receipt of shipment. It can sometimes take up to 14 days for a return to come to us and be processed at our warehouse.

No. You will be responsible for paying your own shipping cost for returning your purchased item.

Note: It can take up to 14 days for a return to reach our office and to be processed.

You will receive a return confirmation via email as soon as we receive your returned product. It can sometimes take up to 14 days for a package to come to us and be processed at our warehouse. If it has been longer than 14 days but you have not heard from us yet, you are welcome to contact our customer service.

1. Contact us on [email protected] and wait for a reply (We respond within 24 hours)

2. If you want to, write a note with the reason for the return. Place the product and the note in the box that will be used for shipping, preferably in the original packaging you received after purchasing your item.

3 .Seal the package.

4. Submit your package at the desired post office.

5. Please keep your deposit slip.

6. Send the package to the following address:
Hidroxa Medical AB Björndammsterrassen 114 43342 Partille, Sweden

7. Mark the package with “Return - Your Name”

8. Notify us that the package is on its way on [email protected]

9. From this moment, we are waiting for your return to reach us.

10. As soon as we receive and process your return, we will send you a return confirmation via email and notify you that your refund process has started..

Keep in mind!

*All items sent back to us must be in usable condition, without any mechanical and water damages.

*Always save your receipt until we have registered the return.

Do you have any questions? Contact our customer service and they will help you"


As soon as you receive a return confirmation to your email address, the process for your refund will start. Count on up to seven business days for the money to get into your account.


If you wish to make a complaint about a fault on an ordered item, you should contact our customer service as soon as possible after you have discovered the error. Complaints made within two months of the discovery of the error are always considered to have been submitted on time. You as a consumer have 2 years of right to claim. For complete information about your right of complaint, please read our general terms and conditions.



trustpilot trustpilot score

Fleshaga iontophoresis machine review
5 stars: excellent
Fleshaga has submitted a review about Hidroxa
"I’ve used this machine for 15 months now. I used to get botoloxin injections for my sweaty hands, and now the Hidroxa kit takes care of that. A Trustpilot review on this page made me buy a machine. 10 days and my hands were dry. I run the machine att full effect and in pulse mode. A 20 minute treatment every two days and i’m fine."
m cdag iontophoresis machine review
5 stars: excellent
m cdag has submitted a review about Hidroxa
“Have been using the iontophoresis machine for about 3 weeks now and I couldn’t be happier. I purchased it to treat aquagenic wrinkling of the palms, and I had it so bad I had been showering with gloves on for 2 years. After about 3 sessions of iontophoresis I have been able to say goodbye to the gloves and my hands look almost normal after exposure to water. I had tried topical antiperspirants before and nothing worked; this machine has changed my life. My condition is related to sweating so I would have sweating on my hands now and then, and that is gone too. Also have to say customer service is amazing! They always answer my emails on the same day and are extremely nice and helpful! Thank you !!“
Lotta iontophoresis machine review
5 stars: excellent
Lotta has submitted a review about Hidroxa
"I have suffered from excessive hand sweat since I was a teenager and I bought a iontophoresis device this spring. After 9 treatments I was totally sweat free and since then I have only had to perform maintenance treatments twice a week. I perform these 2 days in a row. My self esteem has really improved and it is absolutely amazing not having to worry about occasions when I need to shake someone’s hand. I am so pleased! Best purchase ever!"