Consult with dr. Sandra anytime, anywhere by video call for all sweat related related issues

"Suffering from excessive sweating can result in severe physical as well as mental obstacles in your everyday life - but luckily, there is help available!"

Sandra Eriksson Mirkovic

MD with a special interest in hyperhidrosis


What is Hidroxa Online?


Sweat-related problems are common and many people suffer from for example excessive sweating for many years and do not seek professional help from sweat doctors because they are ashamed or because they do not know that there is help available. Others have sought care but have not been taken seriously or told that there is nothing more to do.

Hidroxa Online consultations are available, so you as a patient with sweat problems can get help from an experienced doctor with specialist knowledge about sweat-related issues, no matter where you are located. Dr. Sandra Eriksson Mirkovic has many years of experience working with patients with sweat problems.

Read our FAQ to find out how our consultations work.

Do you sweat excessively or do you suffer from other sweat related issues? Book an online video consultation with our sweat doctor who will give you information and or possible solutions to treat your condition and improve your quality of life.

Dr. Eriksson Mirkovic can help you with the following:

  • Find the correct diagnosis for your sweat related issue (Note that further investigation such as blood samples or physical examination may be required. In those cases, you will be referred to a doctor in your area)
  • Write a referral for investigation of sweat related issues at your local health center or referral to a skin clinic/sweat clinic for treatment of your sweat issues
  • Provide advice and answer questions about possible and appropriate treatment options. (Note that only some of the types of treatment are reimbursed by the healthcare system and other treatments must be financed by the patient himself/herself or by a private health insurance)
  • Prescribe medication, provided that all the necessary information is available and that there is a suitable opportunity to follow up the medication. (This is decided by Dr. Eriksson Mirkovic on a case-by-case basis). If you apply from outside of Sweden, medication cannot be prescribed.

What Dr Eriksson Mirkovic cannot help you with:

  • Write sick certificates
  • Write other certificates of any kind


Schedule an online appointment with a licensed physician from anywhere within minutes.


Be assured that your online consultation will be completely private and confidential.


We offer a 30-day free follow-up for further questions and clarifications. Contact us anytime.




Dr. Sandra Eriksson Mirkovic

Medical School:

Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden

Specialises in:

Resident in Family medicine, many years of specialized care of patients with sweat related issues.


Sandra works on a daily basis as a resident in family medicine but actively supports Hidroxa's customer service by advising on the correct use of our iontophoresis device, Hidroxa SE20. Being shown how to use an iontophoresis machine in the correct way is of great importance, therefore Sandra has put great effort into passing on her medical knowledge and experience with iontophoresis to clinics and our customers/patients. This is the key to patients succeeding with their treatments. In addition, she has seen a growing demand for expert advice and information about sweat related issues, which is why we decided to launch Hidroxa Online, so we could be able to help as many people as possible, no matter their physical location.




"Your insight has helped me immeasurably, a condition which I've previously had to hide, has been realised as a genuine condition which can be addressed with the correct approach. Your empathy and understanding were such a help to me in my journey. This is a condition, in the medical world here that is not addressed properly and we suffer in silence. To have a voice and a potential for improvement is life changing. I no longer have to wipe my hands and feet down between patients, this is something I've had to suffer lifelong. I look forward (after Covid) to enjoy a genuine hand shake where the recipient no longer recoils from a wet hand! Such a simple thing, but a huge step for me!! It made me realise that my life doesn’t have to continue that way. So, thank you, times a million."

Celine, Registered Nurse, 40 years old

Melbourne, Australia

"Dr. Sandra Eriksson Mirkovic's work is exceptional and commendable especially towards hyperhidrosis and other sweat related issues. Her wealth of knowledge is impeccable and she doesn't hesitate to give counsel especially on medical treatments. She is an asset to hyperhidrosis advocacy hence as HAL LTD we recommend her relentless work."

Martin Kimamo, Founder HAK LTD


"I heard about dr. Sandra on the Facebook group Side effects of ETS surgery, she joined the group to hear other people's experiences with HH and ETS surgery and helped in a professional way. I contacted Sandra, she kindly answered all my questions and helped me get to the official document that it was banned in the Sweden - ETS in 2003, and that document means a lot to me. Sandra is in contact with a lot of people with HH and as a doctor she can understand, help and explain to people how best to live with HH. I have never heard of doctors dealing with this problem, Sandra is the first and completely dedicated to all patients. Young people with HH are lucky to have Sandra, a doctor who can help change lives for the better. Thanks Sandra <3"

Branka Gavovic, 40 years old

Belgrade, Serbia

"It is a refreshing and great feeling to finally meet a doctor who with deep understanding both listens, helps and actively spreads more knowledge about a condition that is often silenced today. You are such a compassionate, caring and patient-centered doctor who is nothing else than exceptional. Medicine cures, but a good doctor inspires and makes a difference. Thank you for doing that Sandra!"

Albert, 25 years old

Malmö, Sweden

"Dr. Sandra is unique in her patient approach and in her competence management. She is a pioneer in her work to increase the understanding of, and expansion of treatment options, for the vulnerable patient group that HH sufferers are. She meets you with a genuine interest in finding solutions. , and is humble and honest on the path to an individually tailored treatment.Her excellent information, gathering and sharing of this, has put the disease in its entirety in a new light for many of her patients, who in parallel with increased insight into their own health image, learn to live with the disease in a whole new way. Her work and focus is invaluable and unique to the entire patient group."





Frequently asked questions

You go to and book an appointment in our calendar and pay. You will then receive a confirmation of your email and a receipt. When booking, you must provide a current telephone number and email address. A link to the video call is sent there a few minutes before the set start time for the video call. It is very important that you enter the correct information so that we can ensure that the link is correct.

A few minutes before the appointed time, you will receive a link via SMS and email. You click on the link and end up in the lobby of a system called Kry connect. When Dr. Eriksson Mirkovic is ready, she will let you into the conversation. If you want to talk on your mobile, click on the link on your phone. If you want to go via a computer, open the link via the email on the computer.

Dr. Sandra is committed to providing the highest quality in patient care without compromise. All patients are charged € 80 for a standard 45-minute consultation.
*Please note that we offer consultations in Swedish and English.

After the meeting, you can contact us at any time by email within 30 days if you have additional questions, you want answers to. Our goal is to ensure that you get expert advice and help, as well as the right guidelines on specific available treatments for sweat related issues, depending on the affected parts of the body, such as the armpits, hands, feet, or face.

In some cases, provided that all the necessary information is available and that there is a suitable opportunity to follow up the medication. (This is decided by Dr. Eriksson Mirkovic on a case-by-case basis).

Yes. Remember, however, that Hidroxa Online Consultations is a Swedish clinic where Swedish legislation applies. Records are kept in Swedish and stored on Swedish servers.

No, Dr. Eriksson Mirkovic does not write certificates but you can get a journal copy.

Yes, a referral can be written for investigation and treatment. Note that only a small part of treatments in Sweden is paid for by healthcare and the rest is paid for privately by the patient or private health insurance.

You can cancel the video call up to 48 hours before the scheduled start of the call. If cancelled later, no refund will be given of the amount paid. In the event of illness, a medical certificate is required so that debiting does not take place. Then the full amount is refunded. If Dr. Eriksson Mirkovic becomes ill, you will be reimbursed the full amount paid and choose if you want to book a new appointment. Due to the special competence that Dr Eriksson Mirkovic possesses, we can unfortunately not offer any substitute for her in cases where she should become ill and prevented from holding the consultation.