Terms of use

1. Applicability, scope, etc.


These terms and conditions apply between Hidroxa MedicalAB, corporate identity no. 556965-8247, ("Hidroxa Online") and the customer/patient who makes an appointment at Hidroxa Online (the "Customer") regarding Hidroxa Online's services on the technical platform for Customer and caregiver (the "Caregiver") provided by Hidroxa Online on the Websites ( “Customer”) www.hidroxa.com/en/sweat-doctor-online and www.hidroxa.com/sv/svettklinik-online.


Through the Customer, individuals can book an appointment with a licensed professional, for example, a doctor, to obtain a care contact in the form of video consultation, as well as obtain information about hyperhidrosis and related issues. The customer can also fill in a Health Declaration before the video conference starts. When the video conference starts, the Customer can describe his medical condition to the doctor, who in turn can take an ocular examination and then make a diagnosis and suggest treatment measures.


The customer enters into an agreement with Hidroxa Online by booking a time in the time book in accordance with the instructions in force at the Websites at any given time (the "Agreement"). The agreement shall be considered entered into when the Customer has booked an appointment on the Websites. Through such registration, the Customer thus accepts these terms and conditions.


The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the contact information provided at the conclusion of the Agreement is correct and undertakes to keep its information in the booking on the Websites updated and current throughout the agreement period. Any changes must be notified to Hidroxa Online without delay via email to [email protected]


These terms and conditions, as well as instructions, policies, and other information about the service are available on the Websites.

2. General information about the Websites


Signing an Agreement Subsequent video calls require that the customer/patient is at least sixteen (16) years old or participates with a guardian.


The customer is responsible for every action taken when booking a video call. A booked video call may only be used by the user for whom the time has been registered and may not be transferred or leased to anyone else. However, a guardian has the right to use the service and participate in the video call together with the child, provided that the child is under eighteen (18). Hidroxa Online is not responsible for outsiders' misuse of booked time or for consequences and any damages thereof.


The Customer is responsible for the booked time being used in accordance with the Agreement, other conditions stated on the Websites, and the law in force at any given time. The customer is solely responsible for the information that he publishes on or via the Websites and is thus solely responsible for the content therein.


By booking an appointment on the Websites, the Customer confirms and accepts the technical specifications, conditions, and limitations on the Websites that appear from Hidroxa Online, at any time applicable service and product descriptions regarding the Websites, which are available on the Websites.


By booking an appointment on the Websites, the Customer confirms and accepts that the specified contact information can be used by Hidroxa Online to contact the Customer via email and notice with information and offers. The customer has the right to unregister specifically for this communication. Hidroxa Online is obliged to, without delay, approve the Customer's request when this is registered with Hidroxa Online.


Content published or provided by Hidroxa Online on the Websites complements the medical advice provided by the Caregiver and is not intended to be used in lieu of a physician's assessment, diagnosis or treatment for any disease. Use of the Websites is only a complement to the usual care and is intended as a tool for caregivers to provide effective care to their patients. Hidroxa Online does not bear any responsibility as a Caregiver.


With regard to the technical design of the service, the Websites and the service are limited to certain specific types of illness, such as advice on sweat-related ailments, proposals for further investigation by another care provider, in some cases prescription prescribing, in some cases referral prescribing. No form of certificate is written as part of the service.

3.Prices and payment


Prices and fees for video consultations with Caregivers via the Websites, and all possible other applicable prices appear at the current price list, which is provided on the Websites before a consultation with Caregivers is booked.


Payment for video consultation via the Websites is made in advance before the consultation begins. The customer can not start a video consultation with the Caregiver before payment has been made.

4. Hidroxa Online's responsibility


With the limitations set forth in this clause 4, Hidroxa Online is responsible for the Websites:

(a) is available in accordance with sections 4.3 to 4.6 below; and

(b) stores and provides the Customer's Health Declaration and other information that the Customer or Caregiver shares.


Hidroxa Online is responsible for maintaining such supervision and responsibility for the Websites as follows from the Act (2002: 562) on electronic commerce and other information society services and the Act (2005: 59) on distance contracts and contracts outside business premises. Hidroxa Online is not responsible for data loss.


Hidroxa Online is not responsible for content linked to or from the Websites.


Hidroxa Online's goal is for the Websites to have high availability on an ongoing basis. The customer must be provided with a reasonable opportunity to visit the Websites 24 hours a day. The customer can book a scheduled consultation with the Caregiver in accordance with the time booking options provided on the Websites via the booking system. The customer can book a consultation on a specific day and time or a drop-in consultation in the free times in the booking system. The Websites including video conferencing are provided as above, with a settlement for permitted interruptions such as, but not limited to, scheduled and on the Websites announced maintenance or interruptions.


Hidroxa Online is not responsible for interruptions in availability caused by:

a) errors in the Customer's hardware/equipment, connecting networks, the Customer's software or errors in software that constitute a third-party product and which Hidroxa Online, despite the fact that Hidroxa Online has tried to remedy or circumvent in a professional manner, cannot remedy;

b) other circumstances for which the Customer is responsible in accordance with the Agreement;

c) viruses or other security attacks which, despite the fact that Hidroxa Online has taken protective measures in a professional manner; or

(d) a circumstance that constitutes force majeure in accordance with paragraph 10 below.


Hidroxa Online is responsible for the operation of the Websites, including the provision of video consultations between Customer and Caregiver as well as related services, such as storage of information and other information provided on the Websites by Hidroxa Online. Each individual licensed care provider that operates through Hidroxa Online's services is responsible for the care, information or recommendation that they provide to the Customer in a video consultation or in writing via the Websites


Interruptions or errors in the Websites 'availability must be reported without delay to Hidroxa Online customer service via email [email protected] or via the Websites' chat.


Errors must primarily be rectified by remedying errors, if this can be done without unreasonable cost or inconvenience to Hidroxa Online. Hidroxa Online has the right to remedy the error at its own expense, provided that this can be done within a reasonable time and without significant inconvenience to the Customer. If remediation cannot take place, the Customer is entitled to a reasonable price reduction and, with the following limitations, compensation for any proven, direct damage.


Hidroxa Online is not responsible for errors due to the Customer or any relationship for which the Customer is responsible. Furthermore, Hidroxa Online is not responsible for any form of personal injury or other consequences, which may be a result, directly or indirectly, of the use or misuse of information provided, presented on or referred to on the Websites, Hidroxa Online's liability is in any case limited to liability for proven, direct damage and to a maximum amount corresponding to twelve thousand (12,000) kronor. Hidroxa Online is thus not liable for consequential damages, loss of profit, loss of expected savings and / or other indirect damages.

5. Intellectual property rights, etc.


Ownership, copyright and all other rights to Hidroxa Online's trademark, company name, and the Websites as well as all documents used and / or provided by Hidroxa Online on the Websites, such as but not limited to these general customer terms, belong to Hidroxa Online (or where applicable Hidroxa Online's licensor) with exclusive rights. Hidroxa Online thus reserves the exclusive right to use the above materials. All copying, modification, transfer and / or other use of Hidroxa Online's materials that are not expressly permitted under the Agreement or Hidroxa Online's instructions from time to time is prohibited. The Customer confirms and accepts that unauthorized use of Hidroxa Online's intellectual property rights may, in addition to constituting a breach of the Agreement, be criminal. Hidroxa Online's reserves the right to take legal action in the event of such unauthorized use of Hidroxa Online's intellectual property rights.


Any intellectual property rights that arise as a result of Hidroxa Online's provision of the Websites and / or other services to the Customer shall accrue to Hidroxa Online with exclusive rights. Such an exclusive right includes a right to freely change, transfer and sublease such result.

6. Cancellation of video consultation


Customers can cancel / cancel a booked video consultation with full refund up to and including 24 hours before the video consultation is to take place. If cancellation is made as above, payment made for the video conference must be refunded within 14 days.


The Customer agrees that he has no right of cancellation / withdrawal to order drop-in video call times and at those times when the Customer cancels a booked call later than 24 hours before the call is to take place. In such cases, the Customer is not entitled to a refund of the amount paid for the video call.

7. Unauthorized use and information


Hidroxa Online takes all unauthorized use of the Websites seriously in violation of these general terms and conditions and / or Hidroxa Online's policies regarding security, ethics, etc., which are in force at any given time. Among other things, it is not permitted to film consultations with healthcare staff or to distribute such material in any way. Hidroxa Online will proactively take action against established or anticipated unauthorized use of the Websites, etc.


Hidroxa Online reserves the right, with prior notice or notice to the Customer, at any time without liability for any consequences, to remove information from the websites, cancel the Customer's time or take other measures due to Customer's breach of contract or to protect the Websites' reputation and reliability. In the event of such suspension, Hidroxa Online also has the right to terminate the Agreement in accordance with clause 8.2 below.


If the Customer has breached the Agreement or applicable law, or used the Websites illegally or illegally, the Customer is liable to indemnify and hold Hidroxa Online indemnified from any damage caused by Hidroxa Online (including but not limited to attorney's fees, legal costs and all third party claims party).


Hidroxa Online may not provide such information about the Customer for which the Caregiver is responsible for personal data in accordance with applicable law, and which the Caregiver opposes or cannot publish on the Websites.

8. Contract period and termination


The agreement is valid until further notice from the time the Customer has booked a time for video calls with Hidroxa Online. Customer always has the right to terminate the Agreement until immediate termination. In the event of such termination, Hidroxa Online shall promptly remove the canceled time and remove all provided and stored information related to the Customer. However, this does not apply to any medical information from previous care contacts or other information that must be stored in accordance with current legislation.


Hidroxa Online has the right to terminate the Agreement to immediate termination if the Customer violates or for probable reasons appears to violate these terms of the agreement or other provision of the Agreement and not within thirty (30) days of written notice to that effect. In the event of such termination, the Customer's time is canceled, after which the Agreement automatically ceases to apply. Information regarding the Customer that has been stored must also be deleted promptly.


Customers who have been canceled from their time in accordance with this clause are not entitled to book a new time without special permission from Hidroxa Online.

9. Development and change of conditions


Hidroxa Online reserves the right to change the scope and function of the Websites. Product and service development may, for example, but not exclusively, refer to layout, content, service or functionality and may mean that the Agreement is affected. Such changes will be notified via the Websites and / or e-mail. The current customer terms and conditions applicable at any time can be obtained on the Websites.


The Customer has the right to terminate the Agreement immediately upon termination in the event that Hidroxa Online's change of the Websites or the Agreement is to the material detriment of the Customer and in the event of such termination is entitled to a refund of any prepaid amount regarding booked but not completed video meeting.

10. Force Majeure


Hidroxa Online does not compensate for damage as a result of strikes, fires, the exercise of authority, labor disputes, accidents, errors or delays in subcontractors, downtime in public communication systems or other circumstances beyond Hidroxa Online's control and which Hidroxa Online is not reasonably expected to expect and whose consequences Hidrox reasonably able to avoid or overcome. In the event that a circumstance in accordance with this section remains for a period exceeding one (1) month, a party has the right to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect. In such circumstances, the customer is entitled to a refund of the prepaid amount for a booked but not completed video meeting.

11. Messages


The Customer must state the e-mail address and telephone number to which the Customer wishes Hidroxa Online to send confirmation, reminders and other messages from time to time. The customer is obliged to notify Hidroxa Online without delay of changes in their contact information. Termination or other notifications must be made by e-mail.


The message shall be deemed to have reached the recipient;

(a) if sent by e-mail, text message or fax: when the receipt has been duly acknowledged;

(b) if sent by registered letter: two working days after delivery by post, or

(c) if delivered by courier: at the time of delivery.

12. Personal data


For information on how Hidroxa Online handles and processes the Customer's personal data, please refer to Hidroxa Online's privacy policy. The privacy policy contains detailed information about Hidroxa Online's personal data management, including clear instructions on the Customer's rights and how these rights can be exercised.

13. Other


The Customer may not transfer the Agreement and rights and / or obligations as a result of the Agreement to another party.


Hidroxa Online has the right to hire a subcontractor for the fulfillment of its obligations under the Agreement.

14. Dispute


For the Agreement, Swedish law shall apply. Disputes arising from the Agreement shall be decided by a general court with the Gothenburg District Court as the first instance.